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      1. It was very _____ of you to start your own business.

      A. initiative

      B. enterprising

      C. initial

      D. undertaking

      2. The Indian wars greatly _____ the dangers of frontier life.

      A. accumulated

      B. enriched

      C. multiplied

      D. uphold

      3. So far _____ taking my advice, he went and did just what I warned him against.

      A. from

      B. beyond

      C. above

      D. to

      4. To be an inventer, one needs profound knowledge as well as a very _____ imagination.

      A. bright

      B. vivid

      C. living

      D. colorful

      5. The person who _____ this type of reform deserves our praise.

      A. generated

      B. estimated

      C. originated

      D. manufactured

      6. A good way to ________ a language is to live in the native culture with the native speakers.

      A. require B. acquire e

      C. inquire D. sustain

      7. A great many people are often willing to sacrifice higher pay for the _________ of becoming white collar workers.

      A. privilege B. advantage

      C. profit D. preference

      8. A hush fell over the guests who had _________ for the wedding celebration.

      A. assembled B. participated

      C. attended D. summoned

      9. A Korean manufacturer has _________ us a price ten percent lower than yours.

      A. referred B. offered

      C. gave D. told

      10. A landing on Mars is within the _________ of current physical theory.

      A. dimension B. volume

      C. magnitude D. scope

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