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      1. A_________ gain or profit is the actual gain after all working expenses have been paid.

      A. gross B. net

      C. positive D. negative

      2. A better working environment improves people's performance, and _________ productivity.

      A. furthermore B. hence

      C. moreover D. even

      3. A completely new situation will ________ when the examination system comes into exist-ence.

      A. rise B. arise

      C. raise D. arouse

      4. A cork will ________ in water, but a stone sinks.

      A. fly B. flow

      C. float D. drift

      5. A dark suit is preferable _________a light one for evening wear.

      A. to B. than

      C. for D. against

      6. By next year, I shall have ________ all my debts.

      A. cleared up B. cleared off

      C. cleaned up D. cleaned away

      7. By the end of 1994, 559 kinds of products bad been _________green food,

      A. named B. restricted

      C. classified D. labeled

      8. By the end of the class, some students had ________ ink.

      A. finished B. run out of

      C. ended D. dried up s

      9. Cambridge has announced plans to establish a business school _________ the master's degree in business administration.

      A. representing B. presenting

      C. offering D. supplying

      10. Can a novelist remain _________ to the problems of the world in which he lives?

      A. impartial B. indifferent

      C. careless D. detached

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