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      1. The Swiss are worried they might have to ____ these advantages to the rest of the diplomatic community.

      A. extend B. disperse C. spread D. sprinkle

      2. Unlike photocopies of books, the digital copies are virtually identical in quality to the ____.

      A. preliminary B. ingenious C. initial D. original

      3. He applied for a ____ position in a company.

      A. empty B. vacant C. vacuum D. margin

      4. At the age of 40, he had already ____ a great fortune through successful financial dealings.

      A. piled B. assembled C. amassed D. congregated

      5. When moisture on the skin ____,it draws heat out of the body.

      A. evaporates B. dilutes C. diffuses D. dissipates

      6. He has everything he wants; he is a(n) ____ young man.

      A. admiring B. jealous C. enviable D. envious

      7. This can ____ the worry between a couple that they don't understand each other.

      A. release B. relent C. relieve D. relay

      8. Many distinguished men have ____ from slums.

      A. emanated B. loomed C. appeared D. emerged

      9. The basic difference between Americans and Canadians ____ in their definition of the individual in society.

      A. lays B. lies C. locates D. perches

      10. Even the best-built machine will not run forever without proper ____.

      A. retention B. reserve C preservation D. maintenance

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